About Us

Why We Exist


Import, export, promote and distribute high quality and culturally representative products in the countries where we operate. 

Where We Are Headed


Become the leader in global agro-industrial partnerships, promoting cross-cultural relationships and stimulating innovation through effective trade routes and digital efforts.

What We Stand For


High Quality Products  -  That Are Culturally Representative

Strong Commitment & Solidarity  -  To All Our Partners

Social Responsibility  -  To Our Work Environments

Innovation  -  For Long-Term Efficiency

Transparency  -  Allowing Fair Trade 

The Founders

Ana Lucia Canales Herrerias


Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer 


Jason Boon


Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer


Our Story

The Story Behind Capolavoro

We are a start-up company based in Milan, working in the trading sector to become a network of contact between Mexico and the European Union. Our story begins with the detection of a gap in the Italian market, which has the potential to be filled with Mexican products whilst creating opportunity for profitable operations for a Milan-based company. 

Why is it important for us to create a network between Mexico and Italy by discovering unique food products to trade? 

Because Mexico is increasing its commercial activity worldwide, and as a main result, the commercial agreement with the European Union is being renegotiated. We want to be prepared as a platform of experts whom companies can approach when interested in developing new commercial activities or innovating in the fields we operate.  

By working in the trading sector, collaborating with small to medium-sized companies and through continuous analysis, we want to understand the main success factors of collaboration between Mexico and Italy. In addition, our goal is to recognize the key stakeholders working in both countries and where the main gaps are in innovation and technology that leaves space for potential developers and new opportunities.

We hope to grow as a network together with you!

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